November 2008


Article: Data-mining – Can you find the gold? Project management data can be a treasure trove of fascinating information that can, when examined carefully, help realize tremendous improvements in efficiency.  This article talks about how to mine project management data and some of the jewels you can find when you do.

Article: Commoditized project management for the mid-market We’ve seen a trend from major software vendors to try to create the ‘everyman’ project management system and to target this at mid-market clients.  This effort affects design, documentation, training materiarls and of course, marketing.  Is it good or bad for the industry?  You’ll have to read and decide for yourself.

Article: Collaboration? Who’s collaborating? When you consider the collaboration aspect of project management, it’s worthwhile to come up with a collaboration plan much as you would a communications plan for a project.  Who should collaborate, how should this collaboration be facilitated and/or moderated?  What should you collaborate about?  We’ll look at the essentials of project collaboration in this article.

Article: Choosing Collaborative Project Management Tools Collaboration has become such a critical element of modern project management that it is no surprise that there are a plethora of tools available to assist us in getting the most out of the collaborative project environment.  What kinds of tools are these and where can you find them? We’ll discuss this and more in this article.

Article: Chocolate or Vanilla? Too many EPM deployments start off with designing the ultimate system; something which will never be realized.  There is so much functionality available with systems out of the box… “vanilla” systems that you should be able to get yourself up and running to some basic level with a minimum of customization.  This article discusses how a vanilla system is still very useful.

Article: Why I can’t train you in 2 days! When commercial project management software first came on the market it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and clients thought it quite reasonable to block 20% of the total costs for training.  Now that pm software costs only hundreds of dollars, the same proportion seems to have remained as the predominant thinking.  Here’s why I can’t train you in everything you need to know in only two…

Article: hat does EPM mean to you? It’s an easy to use acronym and goodness’ knows, we use too many acronyms in this industry.  EPM can represent so many differents things to different people.  If you’re looking to deploy EPM wouldn’t a good place to start be having a common definition?

Article: The move to Solution Buying We’ve heard the hype for years that ever software vendor is a ‘solution seller’.  They’re only out to make sure you get your solution, according to the solution salespeople.  I think that’s great if it’s true, but what’s less common is a client who’s ready to be a “Solution Buyer”.