Well, it was a long time coming but we’ve finally completed a major overhaul of HMS Software’s web environment.

Our websites are among the oldest in the world.  The company, HMS, has been around for 31 years and the original HMS Software website was established in the mid 1990’s just aver the release of the original Netscape browser. (remember Netscape?!)  There’s a picture of the website from 1998 or so (thanks to the Wayback machine). website_1998

Over the last 20 years, the HMS Software web site has gone through a generational change every few years.  As the publishers of TimeControl, one of the world’s most popular timesheet systems, the web environment expanded beyond a simple website to accommodate the numerous perspectives of different types of users.

The original website was more of an online brochure and was one of the first of its kind.  We were rather proud of being the 7,000th entry or thereabouts in the Yahoo directory.  Yahoo was the premiere business search engine at the time.  If you wanted to be found, you had to be on Yahoo.  That might not seem like the very start but the Yahoo directory was registering over 16,000 websites a day at its peak.

With the release of TimeControl in 1994, HMS started to expand the web environment quickly.  The most current iteration of the TimeControl sites has been across 5 domains: timecontrol.com, industrial.timecontrol.com, timecontrol.net, hms.ca and the original hmssoftware.ca.
Under the completely new design, the web environment will be pared down to three domains to respond to the core elements of HMS Software’s business:

The main site for TimeControl will remain timecontrol.com where existing clients will still be able to log in and get support and update information as well as access the extensive library of webcasts, white papers, factsheets and other technical collateral.  Prospective clients will be able to try TimeControl for free on the hosted trial site which they can register for here.  Prospective clients can find out about buying TimeControl for on premise installation or subscribing to the TimeControl Online service here.


The corporate site will now become hms.ca where information about clients, new partnerships or marketing will be managed.  Traffic from the original hmssoftware.ca will be redirected to this site.This site contains our HMS history and news about us such as press releases.


For those interested in TimeControl Industrial, HMS Software’s field data collection version, information will remain at industrial.timecontrol.com.  Here the additional features of crew timesheets and tracking material and equipment usage will be explained along with the other features of Industrial.

The new websites have been optimized for numerous browsers, devices and operating systems so those who are using a tablet or smartphone to access the sites will be able to enjoy a much richer user experience.