Perk Up for PERT

Everything old it seems is new again. One of the earliest programmatic approaches to project scheduling was invented in the heyday of the Cold War. Propelled by inter service rivalries on one side and by the threat of Soviets in the arms race on the other, PERT was born. The Program Evaluation & Review Technique […]

EPM and tools for everyone

One of the first things I need to do whenever I go into a company to talk about Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is to get some kind of a consensus of what it means. I can hear some of you laughing. “Surely after all this time,” you’re saying, “we have a common understanding of such […]

Deploying a Project Management System

Project Management systems – it’s about deployment. Sure, there are lots of functions to consider and everyone wants to know your “methodology” but if you are committed to having projects fit into a an organizational system, it all comes down to deployment. Can you assemble a system that will actually be accepted and used by […]