EPM Guidance now has a calendar page with upcoming events of interest to project managers. The calendar will also list where Chris Vandersluis, the author of EPM Guidance will be presenting and events where HMS Software will be participating.

Most articles here talk about the strategic intent of enterprise timesheet and enterprise project management systems. But, not doing your homework on the operational side of the house can cause lots of mischief after a system has been implemented. Here are some of the best practices on enterprise systems we’ve encountered over the last few years.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed on my career and my views of the project management industry recently.  Samir Penkar runs the Future of Project Management site at You’ll find the interview on the site just look for A few Key Decisions to take a look. It’s great to talk to others in the industry about trends and where things have been, where they are and where they’re headed in the coming years.

I was working with a large Canadian company recently, helping with their enterprise project management processes. As part of my work, I got to watch while a project control officer prepared a report for the Chief Financial Officer. It was a work of art. First data was grouped together from multiple projects in the desktop version of a popular project management system. That data was copied and then pasted into a massive Excel spreadsheet as…

HMS has announced some changes to their free TimeControl timesheet Trial site that will make trying the TimeControl timesheet system that much easier.  First of all, the dashboard on the main page has been updated to show some readily accessible online learning resources such as the TimeControl Online Learning Center.  Also, data in the free trial has been updated to make the flow of trying the system once new users log in more intuitive. The…