HMS releases TimeControl 5.1.2

HMS has released the latest version of TimeControl, 5.1.2.  As usual, the new version has a number of fixes but more interestingly, the version now supports the use of Primavera “Steps” for updating tasks.  This project updating feature lets a project manager define a number of sub-activity steps which can be progressed individually.  The summary […]

Article: Multi-Project Management: the universal challenge

Thinking about how to manage one project vs. many projects is a very different exercise and it has little to do with the volume of work. How do you manage the conflicting interests of many projects underway simultaenously when you’re responsible for managing a multi-project environment? We discuss this and other multi-project challenges in this article.

Silo Management – No this not about farming

It’s everywhere I go. If there is more than one project or one department involved in project management, then Silo management is almost always in place. For those of you who haven’t heard this term before, this is a condition where multiple groups are working within the same organization. They share something in common. Sometimes […]

Article: Collaboration and Project Management go hand-in-hand

Project Management and communications have always gone together and the better a project manager is at communicating, the more successful they’re likely to be. With the plethora of technological assistance for communication now at hand, it’s worthwhile thinking about how to marry collaboration and project management. I take a look at that right here.

Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 for Project Portfolio Server 2007

If you are using Project Portfolio Server 2007, then you’ll be happy to hear that Service Pack 2 is now available.   Key new features: Support for SQL 2008 Support for Portfolio Server on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Plus: Over 40 new fixes Go to the our Project Server update page and scroll near the […]

Article: Never mind the solution sell – what about the solution buy?

We hear often about the solution-sell; making sure that the project management software vendor is committed to deliver a complete solution not just a list of features. If true, that’s a great thing but where is the buyer’s responsibilty in the purchasing process? Here’s a thought on being a “solution buyer”.

Article: Mid-Market Enterprise Project Management System?

EPM Vendors love to target the big enterprise. In some cases, so much attention is put on the hundreds of largest companies in the world that the hundreds of thousands of mid-market companies are ignored. This article takes a look at what kinds of tools and systems haven’t left the mid-market organization behind.