Project System Perspectives

One of the most common requests I get in the project and portfolio mangement software industry is to help find a tool that will be different things for different people.  There is so much of an organization somehow tied to the project management process that this is perhaps not a big surprise. Executives would love […]

Article: Prioritizing projects – it’s a must when there’s more than one

Project management is only one challenge in managing a project with multiple projects. Everything we do for one project, we must consider among many. Which projects should get priority, which projects should get resources first, which projects are prerequisites for other projects. How do executives determine the priorities among projects and what happens when they won’t?

We’re changing our look

After some time thinking about it, I’m changing the look and feel of the front page of the blog.  Originally I’d envisaged a website where the blog would be a less prominent aspect of the entire site but as time moves forward, I can see that in fact searching for information on the blog will […]