Book page now online

Resources: Books It’s taken awhile but the EPM Guidance Book Recommendation page is now online.  You’ll find here books from my own collection on Enterprise Project Management, tools like Microsoft Project and methodology such as Earned Value.  It’s worth coming back to from time to time as I’ll be adding additional categories of books in […]

Article: Shutdown / Turnaround Project Management

Project management comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes but nowhere is scheduling more tightly managed than in a high-pressure shutdown/maintenance project. In these 5-10 day projects, an entire industrial facility must be stopped, have maintenance done and then restarted and ever hour that passes is huge amounts of money lost in production. It’s a particular kind of scheduling from which anyone in project management can learn a lot.

Article: From small projects, large projects grow

As project managers we strive for the large, complicated mega project. It’s the kind of project careers are built around. But, is this the best kind of project for your organization? Can you do a better job of managing when the projects are bite sized enough? In this article we’ll look at how you can break down projects into manageable pieces and manage each as a separate part of the whole.

Systems: Microsoft Project Documentation

Here are some recently added compiled help format (CHM) files containing downloadable documentation for SharePoint, Office and Project Server.   ·      SharePoint 2007 Technical Library in Help format ·      Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Technical Library in Help format ·      Office 2007 Resource Kit in Help format ·      Microsoft Project Server 2007 Technical Library in Help format   After downloading […]

Article: Third party project management tools – timekeeping

Article: Third party project management tools – timekeeping Third party project management tools come in many different flavors but I have a soft spot for the timekeeping category.  Since my own firm, HMS Software, produces TimeControl, a project oriented timesheet system.  This article takes a look at why looking outside of your EPM system for […]