We’re changing our look

After some time thinking about it, I’m changing the look and feel of the front page of the blog.  Originally I’d envisaged a website where the blog would be a less prominent aspect of the entire site but as time moves forward, I can see that in fact searching for information on the blog will […]

Searching re-enabled

I’m not sure how we managed to delete it but I have re-added the ability to search through the site.  The way we’ve organized the EPMGuidance.com site, every new article, or addition to the site is associated with a blog post which points to it.  So, using Search will list all blog posts which meet […]

Welcome to the EPM Guidance site

Hi.  This is Chris Vandersluis.  I’ve been working in the Enterprise Project Management industry since the early 1980’s.  I’ve set up EPMGuidance.com as a place to share some of the articles, tools, methodology and techniques I’ve either written or discovered over the years for anyone interested in creating, managing or improving an EPM environment. This […]