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An all new and improved Primavera Solution Portal

We have many clients who use TimeControl with their Oracle-Primavera system.  Perhaps it’s no surprise.  TimeControl has integrated with Primavera since 1997 with P3 and we’ve maintained that link all the way up to the most recent P6r8 release even once Primavera was purchased by Oracle.  Primavera clients who need a single timesheet to update not only the task progress in Primavera but also Payroll, Billing, Finance, Job Costing or HR have looked to TimeControl to provide multi-purpose timesheet functionality that will allow a single point of timesheet entry and multiple back-end uses.
Our relationship with Primavera goes back to 1997 and our relationship with Oracle separately also goes back to 1997 when TimeControl was first able to store its data in either SQL Server or Oracle (We now also support MySQL which is coincidentally also owned by Oracle).  So the relationship has many facets and runs deep.
We’ve done a little work to remake our TimeControl and Primavera Solution Portal with a range of new materials that we hope you’ll find useful.  Aside from a remake of the portal itself, we’ve got new factsheets, slide presentations, white papers and an all-new on-demand webcast that shoes TimeControl 6 and Primavera’s P6 interacting back and forth.
The integration options between TimeControl and Primavera are extensive.  Not only can you bring into TimeControl Primavera tasks, resources, steps and assignments, you also have abilities on how to match employees to generic skills and Primavera codes to TimeControl user defined fields.  Updating your Primavera project data with TimeControl timesheets is incredibly flexible.  You can update hours and costs, Primavera Step progress, ETC, Financial periods and more.
The new and improved TimeControl / Primavera Solution Portal covers some of the benefits of integrating these two world-class tools including:

  • Automated Business Validation Rules
  • Extensive Rate Management
  • Management of Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal time banks
  • Management of Banked Overtime
  • Included integration with P6 and other project systems
  • TimeControl Mobile interface for tablets and smartphones
  • Missing timesheet management
  • The Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™

Access to the portal and its resources is free.  Find out more at

It’s an all new calendar page!

You’re going to see a few changes in the site over the coming weeks.  We’ve got a new home page scheduled to be published and a wave of articles, posts, links to other sites and resources and more that we think you’ll find of use.

Just one of those resources is a list of upcoming project management oriented events in a calendar format.  Go to the EPM Guidance Calendar page to see events of interest to project managers, events in which HMS Software will be participating or events where Chris Vandersluis, the author of EPM Guidance will be persenting.

I just love these training aids

I came across Brainstorm randomly at a trade show years ago and have loved their products ever since.  I’m sure the company does more than what I’m going to talk about but the product they produce that I just love are 2-3 page double-sided training summaries for products like Microsoft Project, Office and others.  I just got some samples of the new Office 2010 “Quick Start Cards” and once again I’m delighted to recommend them. There are several sections, simple screen shots and the top 30 commands or so all in 6 panels.

Take a look at

Have you seen Simon Moore’s new book?

Moore_SPPMI was delighted to see the release recently of my friend Simon Moore’s book Strategic Project Portfolio Management and proud as can be to see my review of it on the jacket.  I’ve known Simon for years.  He’s one of the smartest people at Microsoft and he’s been in a unique position to see how organizations choose projects and, more interestingly to me, how they implement systems to help them choose projects.

It’s nice to see a book out of a Microsoft colleague that’s not just a how-to for Microsoft products.  Simon focuses on the process of choosing projects and how senior management has to take part in the process.

Take a peek.  The book is available from Amazon.  If you’d like to see some of the other things I’ve been reading, take a look at our Book Recommendations page.

Book page now online

Resources: Books

It’s taken awhile but the EPM Guidance Book Recommendation page is now online.  You’ll find here books from my own collection on Enterprise Project Management, tools like Microsoft Project and methodology such as Earned Value.  It’s worth coming back to from time to time as I’ll be adding additional categories of books in the future.

Go to the EPM Guidance Book recommendation page