Lots of updates about to come

If you’re wondering why posts have been a bit slow on EPMGuidance, it’s because of the sheer volume of content that is being reviewed to be posted.  You’ll be happy to know that starting in September we are queuing a much more frequent series of posts that will include articles, updates of white papers and […]

Testimonial letter from Sandoz

HMS received a great letter recently from Sandoz, a world leading pharmaceutical firm.  Six years ago, one of Sandoz’s divisions in Canada deployed TimeControl to help with R&D tax credit tracking.  Marianne Raiche of Sandoz tells the story in this letter which you can read it for yourself at: www.timecontrol.com/why-timecontrol/testimonials/sandoz.  A list of other testimonials […]

We sell holes, not drills article on TechNet

TechNet has my latest “From the Trenches” article.  Well, I say TechNet but in fact, Microsoft are hosting these articles on their main support.office.com site.  The article is called “We sell holes, not drills” and talks about one of my favorite subjects; making sure we deliver the solution not just the tool.  Is the tool […]

HMS Releases TimeControl version 6.8

We’ve been busy at HMS Software as we released TimeControl version 6.8 for both on-premises purchase and online subscription. It seems like just yesterday that we were shipping version 6.7 and all the new features there including the new Workflow module, the elimination of the last ActiveX controls and updated OnBoarding and Project Link functionality […]