Article: Gaming the Process Once people know how a process works, it’s only natural for them to get the most possible out of the process by adjusting their own inputs to it.  This is particularly true for Project Portfolio Management and can be a major source of frustration for those who believe that implementing a PPM system will immediately remove all notions of subjectivity.  This article talks about how to game the process.

Article: Enterprise Project Management and Do-It-Yourself The Do-It-Yourself movement has some people making big savings by buying materials and tools at low cost and doing their own home renovations.  This has spawned a generation of people who are sure they can do almost any home renovation themselves.  However, just coming home with the lumber and nails doesn’t mean that your new kitchen will appear without effort.  The same follows for those who want to do…

Article: Enterprise Project Management Once you’ve committed to manage your projects organizationally, you’ll need to turn your attention to the systems that will support that commitment and the changes in process and corporate culture that working across the enterprise will require.  This article looks at some basic building blocks of your first epm deployment.

Article: ontract Management – key to projects If your project management environment involves sub-contractors of any kind or deliveries that will come from external suppliers, then contract management has to be part of your epm process.  What should be considered when implementing Contract management in an epm environment?  We’ll look at that in this article.

I wrote this overview of EPM originally as a chapter of the AMA Handbook on Project Management published by the American Management Association. It’s a good basic overview of enterprise project management and a good place to start your journey if you are considering an EPM environment.