Solving challenged enterprise project environments

“So, what were you trying to accomplish here?” It’s a common question that I’ve had to ask of many project management office managers. Because of my background in enterprise project management systems, this mostly happens in response to some request to review a problem with a project management system implementation. Over the years I’ve been […]

Integrating a Project Management Software System

So, it’s time to bring it all together. You’ve used your talents thus far to choose the perfect project management software system; to implement it perfectly within your organization and to train your personnel within an inch of their lives. Now, it’s time to fulfill on some of those promises you made to management when […]

Article: Never mind the solution sell – what about the solution buy?

We hear often about the solution-sell; making sure that the project management software vendor is committed to deliver a complete solution not just a list of features. If true, that’s a great thing but where is the buyer’s responsibilty in the purchasing process? Here’s a thought on being a “solution buyer”.

Article: Integration is always at the lowest common denominator

I’ve been in a lot of corporate meetings lately discussing various aspects of delivering an “integrated” project management environment.  Don’t get me wrong, a corporate-wide integrated system is a wonderful thing to desire.  There’s no doubt that the idea of pushing a button on a screen and finding that every element of data across the […]