Is the era of the Project Management Office at an end?

We almost never talk about it anymore and there are good reasons why.  No one in project management really wants to be held to account for a promise of what they once promised would happen in the future of a project.  After all, life happens to projects.  So, why pretend that the plan we once had would be something we would want to keep to.  For those in an Agile framework for project management, the very notion of a baseline is foreign.  Why would anyone want to keep to the original plan of, well, anything?

There are some very good reasons why we might want to consider not putting the concept of the once mighty baseline out to pasture.

In this session, we’ll look at what happened over the years to the baseline, why it is often ignored and the potential costs to the organization of not having baselines to work with.  We will look from the perspectives of management who typically use the original promise of the project to fund it, project managers who have to answer to that promise and even from the tactical perspective of individuals.  There is something of value from all of those points of view.  Attendees will hear real life examples from projects where baselines were used, abandoned or just forgotten about and in particular how the shift from on premise work to remote or hybrid work has affected this.  We will also discuss how baselines can be reintroduced even in an Agile environment.

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May 23 2023


10:55 am


University of Texas at Dallas
Naveen Jindal School of Management