HMS Software Moving Day

If you’ve noticed the blog not as busy as usual the last few days it’s because we’ve all been busy here moving the head office of HMS Software, the company I’m president of.  The new office is a similar size to the old office but much better configured for us to expand in the way […]

Serving up Soft Skills

When I first got started in the project management software business, I knew that what people needed to be trained in to be a good project manager was the Critical Path Methodology calculation. If only someone knew this magic algorithm, they too could be a good project manager. I still have course materials which include […]

Enrolling the reluctant enterpriser

“Resistance is futile” was the battlecry of the evil Borg from Star Trek. Sometimes I’m sure there are PMO’s who wish they could be as convincing to fellow colleagues who are resisting the deployment of enterprise project management and enterprise project management systems. Getting the job of deploying an enterprise project management environment is not […]

Are you ready to get restarted? Not so fast.

As the economy slowly recovers project teams are facing an unusual challenge. Management is coming to project offices and to product managers and asking them to ”restart“ projects that were suspended due to economic concerns some time ago. Restarting a project can be infinitely more complex than starting it originally. The original project plan might […]

Display changes decisions

Anyone who has worked with project management systems knows that the way you display data can dramatically affect the decions people make from it. This is why we often see GANTT charts with critical activities in red. I’m reminded of one of my very first sales of project scheduling software back in the 80’s. I […]