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Article: hat does EPM mean to you? It’s an easy to use acronym and goodness’ knows, we use too many acronyms in this industry.  EPM can represent so many differents things to different people.  If you’re looking to deploy EPM wouldn’t a good place to start be having a common definition?

Article: The move to Solution Buying We’ve heard the hype for years that ever software vendor is a ‘solution seller’.  They’re only out to make sure you get your solution, according to the solution salespeople.  I think that’s great if it’s true, but what’s less common is a client who’s ready to be a “Solution Buyer”.

Article: The Dash for Dashboards Dashboard views are all the rage within the executive suite.  There is a notion, fed in large part by software vendors, that executives can get real time levers and dials like they would while driving down the freeway so they can make instant decisions.  While creating dashboard views is quite easy now compared to several years ago, there’re more to creating such displays than just picking out the graphics.

Article: Project Management System Training Wheels When we talk about project management systems, we tend not to talk so much about the training these systems will require.  Vendors don’t help by advertising “Easy to Use” and “No training required”.  Project Management includes complex concepts and these are not all taken care of by an easy to use interface.  This article talks about considerations for training in any new EPM system deployment.

Article: Project Management and the Web How has the Internet and the ubiquitous web interface transformed the project management industry and aside from the new commercial tools that naturally appear whenever there is a new platform to write them on, what does this new medium empower for project managers?

Article: Integrated PM System and the Project Maturity Model With the release of Microsoft Project Server originally in 2002, Microsoft catapulted itself from the ranks of individual project management software provider to organizational or enterprise provider.  How does EPM software like Project Server affect an organization’s score in the Project Management Maturity Model?

Getting project managers to share and executives to prioritize In many of the EPM deployments I’ve been involved with I run up against two significant cultural challenges.  The first comes from the project managers themselves who, while they claim to be committed to the orgazational nature of the Enterprise Project Management process, suddenly find themselves reluctant to share their own data.  The second comes from the very executives who have requested that an EPM process…

Article: Gaming the Process Once people know how a process works, it’s only natural for them to get the most possible out of the process by adjusting their own inputs to it.  This is particularly true for Project Portfolio Management and can be a major source of frustration for those who believe that implementing a PPM system will immediately remove all notions of subjectivity.  This article talks about how to game the process.