TechnetMicrosoft has published another article on its TechNet site.  This looks at a popular topic in project management circles these days, dashboards.

With the new capabilities of EPM tools like Microsoft’s Project Server or the Oracle BI tools now linked to Primavera, there is a hunger for pretty dashboards that show arrows going up, circles going down and triangles pointing in every direction.  This article talks about what you need to know in creating project management dashboards, some pitfalls that are often overlooked when people create these displays and some of the core principles you’ll need to adopt to make dashboards a useful experience.

Now it’s flattering enough to be on the Project Server 2010 page

You can find the article on the Project Server 2010 page of TechNet but this article was deemed interesting enough that TechNet is highlighting it on the front page of TechNet at That’s quite remarkably flattering and kinda cool to think that the millions of people who go to TechNet every day will see it.