minneapolis.jpgNext week I’ll have the pleasure of visiting the Minneapolis/St-Paul area to speak at the Minnesota chapter of the PMI as they host their Professional Development Days event.  I’ve been asked to speak on two subjects and I’m only too happy to do so.  On Wednesday, September 14th I’ll be talking about Creating Business Prioritization for Projects and Portfolios where we’ll discuss how creating priorities for our projects is more about understanding our business imperatives than it is about getting the right fields filled out in a software form.  On Thursday, September 15th I’ll be talking about the Agile method of managing projects but not from a software development perspective.  My paper Agile is not just for IT is all about how many Agile techniques are good for all projects and how non-IT project managers can adapt the aspects of Agile methodology that makes sense for them.

HMS Software is a sponsor of the event and we will be showing off the just-released TimeControl 7 in its first public appearance.

If you’re going to the Professional Development Days even if you’re not in my presentations, please make a point of saying hello.  I’ll be easy to find near the TimeControl booth on Thursday.

To find out more about the Minneapolis PMI’s Professional Development days, go to: www.pmi-mn.org.

To find out more about TimeControl 7, visit: www.timecontrol.com/features/latest.