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If projects were always predicable we wouldn’t need project managers. We’d just authorize the project based on what estimators had determined and then on the expected finish date, we’d pick up the completed project with the actual costs exactly meeting the projected costs. Sadly, that’s not the case. The work of project managers is so important because life is so unpredictable. In the face of almost everything challenging in our world, we have come to…

Article: Choosing Collaborative Project Management Tools Collaboration has become such a critical element of modern project management that it is no surprise that there are a plethora of tools available to assist us in getting the most out of the collaborative project environment.  What kinds of tools are these and where can you find them? We’ll discuss this and more in this article.

Article: Chocolate or Vanilla? Too many EPM deployments start off with designing the ultimate system; something which will never be realized.  There is so much functionality available with systems out of the box… “vanilla” systems that you should be able to get yourself up and running to some basic level with a minimum of customization.  This article discusses how a vanilla system is still very useful.