The most common practices of purchasing enterprise solution software are often the least effective. This article talks about how to avoid the pitfalls of commodity purchasing when selecting enterprise systems and how to create a purchasing RFP that has the best chance of solving your business problems.

Article: That elusive proof of concept Many organizations have purchasing policies that involve a proof of concept for enterprise software.  The problem is, it’s hard to evaluate the effectiveness of enterprise software until the company commits.  We’ll examine this Catch-22 of how to get around the proof-of-concept dilemma.

Article: The move to Solution Buying We’ve heard the hype for years that ever software vendor is a ‘solution seller’.  They’re only out to make sure you get your solution, according to the solution salespeople.  I think that’s great if it’s true, but what’s less common is a client who’s ready to be a “Solution Buyer”.