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Selling Project Management to a sceptical executive

AdrianMy friend Adrian Balfour who runs PCubed has just done a great article that people like Adrian (and I) have to deal with on a regular basis.  How do you convince management to make the investment in proper project management.  His article “How to Sell Project Management to Senior Executives Who Don’t Want It” is a great read.  Go take a look on the PCubed site.

Chris Vandersluis interviewed at ‘Future of Project Management’


I had the opportunity to be interviewed on my career and my views of the project management industry recently.  Samir Penkar runs the Future of Project Management site at You’ll find the interview on the site just look for A few Key Decisions to take a look.

It’s great to talk to others in the industry about trends and where things have been, where they are and where they’re headed in the coming years.

HMS Software has a great case study on one of its TimeControl Clients, EXFO

Over at my firm, HMS, there’s a great case study on the use of TimeControl at EXFO.  EXFO has been a TimeControl client since 1999 and recently they were gracious enough to allow us to interview them and do a case study on their use of TimeControl.  EXFO wasn’t a publicly traded company when we first sold them TimeControl but they sure are now.  The company has expanded enormously since our first visit there years ago.  The case study is on our website and available in both French and English.  Our thanks to Andre Richard who took time out of his busy schedule to do the interviews for us and to review the final copy.  We invite you to read how EXFO has been able to enjoy some of TimeControl’s key benefits and see how the timesheet links to multiple systems for multiple purposes within the EXFO environment.

To see the EXFO case study in English, click here.

To see the EXFO case study in French, click here.

Seen the new R&D Tax Claim white paper?

As part of our new R&D Solution Portal, we’ve created a brand new white paper that you may find of use.  The extensive paper covers an overview of how R&D tax claims work.  We cover something we call the “Triangle Audit” which describes how most government tax agencies go about doing an audit of Research and Development tax claims.  There is a section on how TimeControl timesheets work in an R&D setting and even instructions on how you can configure your own TimeControl to comply with auditing requirements.  There are screen shots of individual TimeControl tables and example reports.  The paper covers an overview of R&D claims in the regions we know best which includes: The US, Canada and within Canada, the province of Quebec where HMS Software’s headquarters are located.  HMS has extensive experience with doing our own R&D claims. 

For those who want to do more research, there are links to appropriate areas of websites at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US, Revenue Canada (for the SRED program), Revenue Quebec, HMRC in the UK and in the EU. 

You can download the R&D white paper for free at HMS Software’s Research and Development Tax Credit Solution Center.

Using TimeControl for R&D Tax Credits

The HMS Software TimeControl timesheet system has been used for years by organizations that must meet exacting standards for Research and Development tax credit audits.  R&D tax credits are offered all over the world including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and throughout the EU.  These programs are designed by governments to provide incentive for organizations to do innovative work within their jurisdiction and they’ve proven to be highly effective.  The programs can return millions to the organizations which take advantage of them but with those kinds of benefits, you can be sure that there are some reporting strings attached.

R&D programs we’ve encountered all require that the work that is claimed be tracked at a task level with some tasks being eligible for the claim and some not.  This cries out for a timesheet system and TimeControl fits the bill.  The TimeControl timesheet system is flexible enough that it can be used by project management, payroll, HR, Finance as well as the Research reporting team to provide the reports and the audit trail for all the work required. 

HMS has just made a number of new tools and resources available on the TimeControl R&D Tax Credit Solution Center which includes an extensive white paper explaining R&D claims and how TimeControl can help create an auditable environment for R&D Tax return reports, a webcast describing the R&D programs HMS has encountered and demonstrating a TimeControl system that has been configured for R&D, slide shows, case studies, letters from clients and a list of links to online resources from the tax departments of several countries and jurisdictions we’re most familiar with.

Take a look at the R&D Tax Credit Solution page on the TimeControl website at

Dilbert on collecting project progress

Dilbert knows how hard it is to collect project actuals – that’s nowhere more true than in the software industry! (Just ask my own programmers)

Montreal Seminar – EPM / TimeControl

HMS and Proji-Controle will be co-hosting a Live Seminar in Montreal on November 30th.  The seminar will show how using TimeControl in conjunction with the Primavera project management system provides an integrated enterprise project management environment that can be used for auditable project tracking purposes such as R&D tax claims, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, DCAA compliance, ARRA Reporting compliance and more. 

Find out more about the seminar in the HMS Software Events area or register online for free at the HMS Software/Proji-Controle Seminar Registration page.

Critical Information about the SharePoint Server 2010 October Cumulative Update

Microsoft has recommended that Project Server users not load the current October Cumulative update due to an issue discovered with the SharePoint Cumulative update that is a part of the overall update.

Please see the posting on the SharePoint blog regarding an issue recently discovered with the October CU for SharePoint Server 2010 that also affects Project Server 2010 –

Packages Impacted

The Cumulative Update packages affected are the Server Packages for SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server and Project Server 2010, specifically;

  • SharePoint Server Package 2394320
  • Project Server Package 2394322

The downloads for both of these packages have been removed from our servers. 

If you have already downloaded them you SHOULD NOT install them.  They will be republished.

Issue Details

The October Cumulative Update for the packages listed above makes some changes and updates to the user profile database.  Unfortunately there are certain situations where this update does not complete as expected and leaves the update in an inconsistent state.  This causes issues with several SharePoint features that use the User Profile Application such as MySites, People and Expertise Search & Ratings.

For details of the workaround please see the SharePoint blog above.

This issue affects the SharePoint features that use the User Profile Application