technet_2Microsoft has published another article of mine on its TechNet site. “How To Cancel a Project Without Cancelling your Career” talks about the challenges we’ve seen with organizations who try to deploy Project Portfolio Management or Stage Gating.  If you can’t slow down, pause or cancel a project then the value of Stage Gating becomes quite questionable.  The article will be of interest to project and portfolio managers of course and those who are managing a Project Management Office but will also be of interest to timesheet managers and TimeControl Administrators as the data from how a project is actually progressing often comes from a project oriented timesheet system.

For many in the project management industry, the idea of cancelling a project is extremely difficult in part because the nature of Project Managers attracts personalities that don’t give up easily.  So finding out that there can be a positive impact on the organization by cancelling a project can be welcome news.

You can find the article on the Project Server 2010 0r Project Server 2013 pages of TechNet in the “From the Trenches” column or go to it directly at I hope you enjoy it.