Here are some links to EPM Resources around the Internet that you may find of use

HMS Software
Home of Heuristic Management Systems, the company I manage and the publishers of the TimeControl enterprise timesheet system. HMS has been in the business of deploying enterprise project management systems since 1984
Gantthead burst onto the project management scene over 10 years ago. Their model was to be a center of excellence for project management information, and they’ve done a fine job. There are thousands of project managers who visit the site on a regular basis. One of the draws on the site is the remarkable number of articles, processes, downloads and other free information. Just sign up for a free login and you’ve got instant access to tons of information.
A list of links wouldn’t be complete without a link to PMI. It is recognized as one of the largest associations of professional project managers in the world and, in North America, is the predominant project association. There is a wide range of information on the PMI site whether you are a member or not.
Microsoft Office Online Templates
If you’ve got any recent Microsoft Office Product, then clicking Help will bring you information from Office Online. This is an area of Microsoft’s website that carries templates for all sorts of products. Don’t choose the product first – just do a search on Project Management or just Project and you’ll find templates for MS Project, but also for Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and even Word.
This free use site allows you to use the web-based system for creating a list of tasks, assignments and notes and seeing your tasks online. It’s best for smaller projects where you can work online.
Here’s another interesting hosted system. It’s free for up to five users and five projects. Users can then log into the hosted site to see their assignments. You can schedule tasks, assignments, manage inter-project workload and more. If you’re a small team – it’s a tough deal to beat.
More free scheduling and resource management software. This one is a Linux/Unix product available for downloading and use by a project manager who wants to see a Gantt and other key information about their project. It’s an Open Source product.
Project Workbench
This product is a free open-source download of the old Project Manager Workbench by ABT. ABT was bought by Niku, and Niku is now part of Computer Associates but the product still has depth and a strong set of tools for scheduling projects, grouping them into portfolios and assigning resources. Workbench was popular among the IT scheduling crowd. The publishers decided to make this product open-source and freely available for download years ago while they concentrate more on their enterprise project business.
Google Documentation
How can you beat this? The free Google Docs service lets you upload files or create them on the fly. Since you can share docs with others in your network, you can create an easy to access site for document collaboration almost instantly.
Got a project team and need an online home to collaborate? Check out Bluetie. You can become your own “Enterprise Manager” for free and add your project team right online with their own user logins. Then add tasks, contacts, calendar events and documents, and then see your to-do list along with how your team is interacting. You can upgrade to the commercial service if you need more people or capacity. If you’re keen to create your own collaboration environment, then take a look at SourceForge (below) there are numerous Windows and Linus Collaboration portal tools available for free download. Just search for “Collaboration” “Portal” on the SourceForge site.
There’s too much to list here. SourceForge is a huge repository of open-source products. Some are available for Windows, some for Linux, some for Mac and some for multiple platforms. You’ll find everything from web-based project offices to collaboration tools. Do a search on “Project Management” for literally hundreds of possible downloads.
Here’s another remarkable value. is freeware software which you can host yourself or have hosted at a very tiny cost by many hosting companies (This site for example is hosted by DreamHost. The all-web system includes entries for companies, projects, tasks, resources and ticket items and more. It might be well suited for a small to mid-sized IT company who bills for their services.
If you’re looking at online sites, try a free account at It’s another online site that’s hosted already so it may be more attractive for smaller firms but here again is a wealth of functionality at little or no cost.
EPM Content Publishing News Blog
Technet maintains a blog of new content that has been published in their expansive web environment on anything to do with the Microsoft EPM Solution.
Seavus ProjectViewer
The Seavus people have a viewer that allows you to display MS Project files.

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