Hi.  This is Chris Vandersluis.  I’ve been working in the Enterprise Project Management industry since the early 1980’s.  I’ve set up EPMGuidance.com as a place to share some of the articles, tools, methodology and techniques I’ve either written or discovered over the years for anyone interested in creating, managing or improving an EPM environment.

This site has been quite some time in the making so let me give you a quick tour.  There are several main categories of information.  Whenever I post something new somewhere in the site, you can be certain that I’ll post a blog entry of it right here on the Home page.  You should be able to subscribe to the RSS feed from the main page in order to keep up with anything new I’ve posted.

Here are the main areas of EPMGuidance.com:

  • Articles
    These are articles either written by me or published here with the permission of the author credited within the article.
  • Resources
    Resources include a wide range of tools that include Word, Excel or PowerPoint templates that may be of interest for different people working on an EPM deployment. 
  • Systems
    Software is a key element of an EPM implementation and while it is impossible to maintain a complete directory of every possible tool for EPM, I’ve listed some of the more commonly known tools here along with links to getting more information.  If I know of add-on tools that you may want to consider, then I’ll categorize those too.  Remember, my firm, HMS Software, publishes our own timesheet system, TimeControl so you can certainly expect some link to it on this page.
  • Links
    There are so many web sites related to project management, it can be a challenge to even index them all.  Here’s my own index of sites that may be of interest to those working in an EPM environment.  If you know of a site that I should be looking at to consider it for this list, let me know at chrisv@epmguidance.com.
  • About
    If you’re interested in who is running the site and what my background is, you can find it on the About page along with contact information on how to reach me.