ChrisVandersluisAfter some time thinking about it, I’m changing the look and feel of the front page of the blog.  Originally I’d envisaged a website where the blog would be a less prominent aspect of the entire site but as time moves forward, I can see that in fact searching for information on the blog will be easier if I just get on the horse in the direction it’s heading and that’s with the blog as the most significant element of the site.So, the overall content won’t diminish at all but over the coming weeks, all the older articles that had been posted as individual pages will now become more extensive posts.  I’ll be taking the content of each of the project management articles and replacing the short excerpt that is in the posts now with them.  The excepts themselves I’m going to be keeping and when I’ve completed the conversion, we’ll take a look at remaking the articles page with all the article excerpts in them as a dynamic bit of code.

In the meantime, the searching functions and, more importantly, being able to locate information on the website through the major blog search tools will become much easier.