amahandbookThe fourth edition of the AMA Handbook of Project Management has just hit bookshelves and I’m very proud to say that I am one of the collaborators.  I have been in the handbook since it’s first release and have been privileged to write the chapter on Enterprise Project Management.  As I’ve done for each edition, I’ve edited and updated the chapter to be more relevant to the evolving world of project management and rewrote sections that needed it.  The book is available online or as a lovely 576 page hard cover edition.  I received my hard cover copies today.  Aside from my own chapter, there is some great knowledge here that has been skillfully assembled and edited by Paul Dinsmore and Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin.  I think a copy of this book is a must-have for most project management offices.

You can find the book at Amazon here.