I was delighted to be interviewed by Nathan Latka on his top entrepreneurs podcast. Nathan is a high-energy interviewer who is great to meet with but really wants you to know your numbers and be ready to be challenged. You’ll find the whole interview on Youtube at:

I’m very excited to be in Dallas next week to speak in person at the 14th Annual University of Texas Dallas Project Management Symposium. This is a prestigious event and I couldn’t be happier to have been asked to speak. My topic is: The Pyramid of Project and Resource Management which I’ll be presenting on May 18th. If you will be at the conference, please make sure to say hello!

I was delighted to spend some time with Tony Shap on his podcast in the last month. Tony is well knowns in financial circles from his writing in magazines like Forbes, Fortune, Inc. as well as on numerous news broadcasts. If you’ve not yet stopped, by the Tony Shap Show podcast, I highly recommend it. My episode can be found by clicking the link or in the index.

I’m delighted to have accepted an invitation to my old alma mater, McGill University where many, many moons ago I received a degree in Economics. The McGill School of Continuing Studies has asked me to be on a panel with other industry experts to discuss the Future of Project Management. The virtual session is on June 8th at 6pm Eastern time. It is free and lasts an hour. I’m looking forward to it. For more…

I was delighted to be interviewed by David Ledge of the popular, Leaders of B2B Podcast.  David and I discussed some of the business challenges that my own firm, HMS has been able to overcome and how flexibility of our TimeControl timesheet system has been critical to not only survive but excel over more than 30 years of business. You can enjoy the podcast in its entirety from: iTunes SpotifyDirectly on the Leaders of B2B Blog

Many years ago, I was in New York City presenting our TimeControl timesheet product to the IT department of a large multi-national bank.  There were easily 20 attendees if not more all sitting around a very long cherry-wood conference table that stretched to my left and right.  I was in the middle and across from me were the CIO and the VP of Finance.  That they were in this meeting was a measure of how…

It’s not new.  Ever since I’ve been in the IT industry, there has been a hunger from management to see all the information they need at a glance.  This used to be a request for the elusive “one-page-report” which was asked of us over and over to show executives all about projects that were underway.  In that day and age, data moved slower.  It was common for people in the project management business to deliver…