There are a number of articles and some soon-to-publish in the works for EPMGuidance but I thought I’d share some writing that has appeared elsewhere.  Last month Canada’s largest national newspaper the Globe and Mail asked me to contribute a piece to their Leadership Lab.  The article discusses how a niche business like my own HMS Software has been able to be so successful at having clients many times our size.  Since we started in 1984, HMS has always served medium and large sized organizations.  It’s something we’re very proud of but since it’s something we do all the time, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.
Our entire staff, sales, marketing, development implementation, consulting, training and even administration is all focused on producing satisfied clients.  That’s true for new prospective clients but it’s equally true for existing clients.  You’ll find the results on our website at, in the collateral available from the the site or the TimeControl blog at, in the way we present our products and services and even in how we promote ourselves.
The Globe piece tells how any company can be effective at applying those principles to larger clients.  You can read it in its entirety at the Globe and Mail Leadership Lab.