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Ahh, the good old days. It’s easy to reminisce. Back when CIO’s were known as DP managers and their word was law. Keepers of the key to the old centralized mainframe systems were gods. Their will was done by all. Want a report? Sorry – that’s got to be done by our centralized staff. What? You need access rights to some data? Sorry – our database manager will get to you soon. You need a…

Stay tuned.  I’ll be blogging from the floor of the Microsoft Project Conference in Phoenix this week  as Microsoft kicks off its promotions for what’s to come in the next year with Microsoft Project, Project Server and Portfolio Server. Over the next few days, the Non-Disclosure agreements for much of what is in Project 2010 will expire and we’ll be able to talk a lot more about what you’ll find in the next version of…

In today’s world of instant gratification it is hard for some to understand the level of investment that must be made in order to reap the benefits available from an enterprise project management system. Some would prefer to follow the path of least resistance even if that means those benefits are not available.

Migrating to the latest version of Project Server would seem like a no-brainer but the decision involves many factors. With support for Project Server 2003 now ended many clients are weighing their options. Here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider

There’s lots of talk lately about the project management maturity model but this principle can also be applied to project management systems and software. This article looks at how an organization’s use of project management systems matures over time and how it follows a common pattern in most organizations.