Every project manager has to make a presentation about project management from time to time. Presentations listed here were presented by the site’s author Chris Vandersluis at events around the world. The contents are protected by copyright. Should you wish to use these presentations or have Mr. Vandersluis speak at an association event of your own, please visit his speaker’s site at

Setting your Enterprise Project Management Requirements
Presented at: Microsoft Project Users Group Montreal

Presented on: December 18, 2012
Download presentation: mpug_montreal_dec18.pdf
We hear from project management software sales people all the time that they’re “solution sellers” meaning that they’re interested in solving project management problems with their software. All too often however, vendors arrive to the PMO unable to find someone who can define what problem the client wants solved. Presented by Chris Vandersluis, who has been a PMI member since 1986 and who has worked with the Microsoft development team in their design and deployment strategy, this presentation will look at how to define your project management challenges in terms that enable the setting of requirements for your project management software. Even if you have your EPM software already in place, knowing how to set your business objectives for your system makes sense when you evaluation what you should be getting out of it.

Extending Project Management to the Organization
Presented at: Microsoft Project Users Group Montreal

Presented on: March 26, 2013
Download presentation: PMI_Whitby_Mar26_From_Ind_to_Org.pdf
 For many, project management tools and techniques are focused on how we can make an individual project manager more effective.  When we try to extend our focus from the individual to the organization, project management takes on a whole new level of challenge.
Many will turn to technology first and choose enterprise level project tools in the hope that this will create an enterprise project management environment.  Choosing technology without an accompanying process and strategy is fraught with risk.
In this presentation we will look first at how to define Project Management at an organizational level as opposed to an individual level and then look at the pitfalls and challenges to deploying such an environment.  As a starting point, we’ll consider extending project management to the organization as a change management project rather than a technology project and look at what needs to be considered, planned for an managed in order to be successful.

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