Enterprise systems


In the EPM industry we tend to talk about Enterprise without much consideration that it may be considered differently by different people or at different times.  Many people think of an enterprise as something that applies only to large multi-national publicly traded companies. Others might think of an enterprise as a broad collection of organizations or companies. This is one of the first questions I ask when speaking to an organization who is interested in…

I am delighted to see another of my articles in the “From the Trenches” column on Microsoft’s TechNet.  I’ve been doing these pieces for the Microsoft Project technical area of the the TechNet website for a number of years and am very flattered that they continue to ask for them and, even better, publish them! The latest article is called Are we there yet? and describes my experiences with deploying enterprise systems like Microsoft Project…

Many organizations deploy enterprise systems and many of these deployments generate tremendous efficiencies in the organization. However, some organizations get tempted to deploy more than one enterprise system at the same time and this can lead to a tremendous challenge or even failure of both systems. In some cases, the two systems are pushed into one massive project, in other cases, separate teams pull the company into different directions at the same time. This article looks at the particular challenge of doing more than one enterprise system deployment at a time.

Most articles here talk about the strategic intent of enterprise timesheet and enterprise project management systems. But, not doing your homework on the operational side of the house can cause lots of mischief after a system has been implemented. Here are some of the best practices on enterprise systems we’ve encountered over the last few years.