I was delighted to be interviewed by David Ledge of the popular, Leaders of B2B Podcast.  David and I discussed some of the business challenges that my own firm, HMS has been able to overcome and how flexibility of our TimeControl timesheet system has been critical to not only survive but excel over more than 30 years of business. You can enjoy the podcast in its entirety from: iTunes SpotifyDirectly on the Leaders of B2B Blog

The EPMGuidance website is about to undergo some changes. You’ll find a new look and feel starting today and over the next few days we’ll be adding more changes as well. The main page will have several elements of services and other elements of my life that are relevant to some of my clients and followers. The blog posts will still be only a click away and we are not removing a single line of…

This paper was originally delivered at the PMI Global Congress in New Orleans in October 2013.
This article discusses how to identify a project which should be cancelled, distinguish it from a project that is merely troubled and then if need be, actively cancel a project in a way that is empowering to the project team, the organization, the stakeholders and even the project manager.

EPM Guidance now has a calendar page with upcoming events of interest to project managers. The calendar will also list where Chris Vandersluis, the author of EPM Guidance will be presenting and events where HMS Software will be participating.