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I was delighted to be interviewed by David Ledge of the popular, Leaders of B2B Podcast.  David and I discussed some of the business challenges that my own firm, HMS has been able to overcome and how flexibility of our TimeControl timesheet system has been critical to not only survive but excel over more than 30 years of business. You can enjoy the podcast in its entirety from: iTunes SpotifyDirectly on the Leaders of B2B Blog

One of the most interesting project management reports that evolved after my start in the industry is the “burn-down” report.  I mention it because at HMS, we are about to launch TimeControl 7 and we are in the final hours prior to launch where we are at the end of a long reiterative burn down process. If you’ve never been in the IT industry then you may not have seen such a project management report with…

HMS received a great letter recently from Sandoz, a world leading pharmaceutical firm.  Six years ago, one of Sandoz’s divisions in Canada deployed TimeControl to help with R&D tax credit tracking.  Marianne Raiche of Sandoz tells the story in this letter which you can read it for yourself at: www.timecontrol.com/why-timecontrol/testimonials/sandoz.  A list of other testimonials is available on the new testimonial and case study area of the TimeControl website at: www.timecontrol.com/why-timecontrol/testimonials. We’ve got the best…

I’d have missed it frankly because it’s not a massive announcement but I confess I was tickled pink to see HMS Software on page 26 of the July/August issue of Oracle Magazine announcing the naming of HMS Software as a Gold Partner in the Oracle Partner Network.  The magazine is also online and you can see our 15 minutes of fame in the July/August Oracle Partner News segment on the Oracle website.