ip_l_list_200x106HMS Software announced last week that its popular TimeControl timesheet is now available for smartphones.  Included with the regular TimeControl timesheet systems is now anew interface that is designed for use with iPhones, Blackberrys, Android and Windows7Mobile devices.

The new TimeControl Mobile interface has been designed as a web application and this means there’s nothing to install or download.  Users Simply point their phone’s browser to the special URL that is available with all TimeControl versions from 6.2 and up and the mobile interface is immediately available.

bb_ts_100x177TimeControl Mobile brings one of the world’s most popular timesheets right to your hands wherever you are.  The system supports the creation and editing of timesheets in the field as well as automated validation rules, approval including release and reject.  The interface, like all of TimeControl is multilingual and even supports user defined fields for timesheet entry. TimeControl Mobile can flip from horizontal to landscape orientation and the interface will immediately reorganize itself to take advantage of the screen real estate that’s available.

There’s no additional cost for TimeControl Mobile.  It’s included with all TimeControl sales and for any clients entitled to upgrades.

TimeControl Mobile is available as part TimeControl version 6.2 for new clients existing clients with current support contracts.

For more information on TimeControl Mobile and to see a webcast of it working on a Blackberry and iPhone, go to www.timecontrol.com/timesheet/mobile.