You would think it would be easy.  After all, timesheets mostly look all the same don’t they?

Well, that’s often true but the front end of the timesheet isn’t the challenge.  Mostly timesheets look like a grid and you enter hours or some value in columns and rows.  It’s once that data has arrived into the timesheet that it becomes more challenging.  A timesheet might be used by an end user for 5 or 10 minutes a week so their commitment to it is probably quite low (except for wanting to get paid of course!) but the people and processes that need that data find the timesheet data absolutely critical.  Can it be used for payroll? billing? Job costing?  Project progress? HR time off?  All at the same time?

I got a chance to record a webcast outlining this challenge and talking about how we’ve solved it for clients with our product TimeControl.  I hope you enjoy it.