I’ve done a rewrite of our core white paper; thedocument that describes how TimeControl became one of the world’s most popular timesheet systems.  “The Timesheet ApprovalsChallenge” shows why so many organizations end up implementing more than one timesheet system.

We know that no one wakes up one day and says “I’ve got a great idea.  Let’s deploy as many timesheet systems as we can find,”

The problem is that different aspects of the organization aretrying to solve different problems and even if they find a powerful timesheet,where it breaks down is in the concept of approvals and that is most challenging in a matrix organization.

When an organization needs a timesheet for only time and attendance, timesheetapprovals are fairly straightforward.  We have the supervisor approve the timesheet in its entirety along with any time off that was recorded. There are timesheets that cater to this need.

When it needs a timesheet for only project tracking, again timesheet approvals are fairly simple.  We have project managers approve the time allocated to each task.  There are timesheets that cater to this need.

When the organization needs a timesheet for only HR Tracking, timesheet approvals are again quite basic. HR supervisors will ensure that the timesheet does not exceed entitlements for vacation, sick leave or personal time off. There are timesheets that cater to this need.

When a timesheet is implemented for billing, it is the account manager and thebilling clerk who will review the time and ensure it meets the billable  criteria and has the appropriate rate.

But, what do you do when you have more than one of these requirements?  Itis to this environment that “The TimesheetApprovals Challenge” white paper was created.  The paper outlines thetimesheet selection and implementation difficulties that are most prevalent inindustry and outlines how organizations try to overcome them.

The paper lays out keycriteria for deploying a multi-purpose timesheet with the approvals functionality required to allow a single timesheet interface to collect and approve the timesheets for multiple requirements.

Access to the white paper is free and can be found on the Matrix Approvals Solution portal of HMS Software’s TimeControl website at timecontrol.com/solutions/matrixapprovals.