I’ve been doing some work over the last couple of weeks assembling collateral, questions and answers and other materials for a solutions portal on what the best practices of using a timesheet are.

The HMS Software are asked often about what the best practices for timesheet use are and many of these questions are not TimeControl-specific. We’ve created a solutions portal with materials that will help people get the most out of timesheeting.

We realized as soon as we started looking at this project that we’d need to divide up our efforts. Some best practices are appropriate to the organization. Others are more focused on the individual so, wherever possible, the Timesheet Best Practices Solution Portal has tips, techniques and materials that are identified as being more useful from the organizational or individual perspective.

One of the key new sections referenced by the best practices portal is the Timesheet Best Practices Q & A page. Ever wondered just how much time is too much to spend on entering your timesheet? Do you question just how much detail is productive in a timesheet? Or, perhaps you’re wondering if it makes sense to track the start and stop times of the day along with the durations for each task. We turned the timesheet questions we most often receive over to our technical staff and asked them to give us some answers which we’re sharing with you.

There are many links, materials and collateral referenced by the Best Practices Solution Portal including white papers on how to increase resource capacity through better timesheet practices, guidance for executives on how a timesheet system can benefit the organization, videos of how to be effective with your timesheet system and even a blank timesheet process template for creating your own timesheet process.

To access the Timesheet Best Practices website, visit timecontrol.com/solutions/bestpractices.