It’s been a busy but great 4 weeks.  First, we received a couple of fabulous testimonials at HMS from our clients.  ASL Environmental Sciences sent the first one.  They’re an Oceanographic specialist based in western Canada.  Then another great letter comes in from ESI Inc. of Tennessee.  Both are delighted clients and that makes our day around here.

Chris Vandersluis Prospecting at 12 I got a chance to meet with the PMI Central Illinois Chapter and talk about Data Mining.  It’s a talk I gave in New Orleans at the Global PMI Congress and it even has a picture of me prospecting for iron in Northern Ontario which I’ve included here.  That’s me on the left with my Uncle Charlie in the middle and cousin Norm on the right circa 1970.

We’re super busy here at HMS working on the 6.7 release of TimeControl which is scheduled for less than 4 weeks from now and in the meantime, I’ll be spending in Las Vegas from April 5-12 at the Oracle Application User’ Group Collaborate 14  where I’ll be giving a talk on the wonders of the As-Built Schedule and how you can create one from scratch using data from a timesheet like TimeControl.  Anyone who will be at Collaborate who wants to meet, should email me at