It’s been a busy time in the development department here at HMS since last summer.  Last week we released TimeControl 6.9 which marks a major change in how TimeControl timesheets can be configured.

Here are more details on the new and enhanced features available in this version:

Variable Length Timesheettwo-week-timesheet_250x157
This is a major evolution in how timesheets are defined in TimeControl. Now, you can select from a number of different lengths of timesheet to better accommodate the process cycle in an organization.  Timesheets can be weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or custom length and just as in monthly or bi-monthly, the timesheet lengths of each timesheet are no longer required to all be the same length.  The new functionality comes with a period generator which will automatically and/or manually create the periods.  Administrators are also not stuck with a one-time decision.  They can elect to change future timesheet periods to be different lengths so if an organization has always worked with weekly timesheets but wanted to change, they could have 14 day timesheets instead going forward!  We know this will make a big difference to how some organizations will configure their TimeControl environment.

Integration with VersionOneversion-one
VersionOne is the world-recognized leader in Agile Enterprise Project Management.  HMS and VersionOne have teamed together to integrate TimeControl, TimeControlOnline and TimeControl Industrial with the VersionOne online system.  Now sprints, backlog items, defects and issues can be updated in TimeControl and the resulting effort completed and remaining work can be sent back to the VersionOne project.  Like all TimeControl links, the VersionOne integration can be activated at the same time as other integrations so if IT development projects are in VersionOne and other projects are being managed in Primavera or Microsoft Project, TimeControl can accommodate them all at once.  More information about the VersionOne link can be found at:

Export Wizard for QuickBooksquickbooks_250x225
TimeControl has supported a link to QuickBooks for years but in TimeControl 6.9 we’ve made configuring that link easier and more intuitive with the QuickBooks Export Wizard.  Now administrators can select the accounts to debit and credit for timesheet data themselves in an easy to select manner.  The TimeControl export will format the export data in the exact format that Intuit defines for QuickBooks so you can import it immediately.

Many other new and enhanced features
There are many other new features in this version including: Locked columns in the timesheet, A super-user Administrator mode, Performance enhancements and improved backward compatibility with older browsers.

Plus, we’ve made performance and minor improvements in a wide range of other modules.  You can find out more about TimeControl 6.9 at contact HMS about your timesheet needs at