resource leveling


This article appeared last year in the PM World Journal and was based on a presentation I got to give at the University of Texas at Dallas PM Symposium. For some reason, I never posted the article directly so here is “Resource Risk in an Uncertain World”. Life is risky. Thank goodness. If not for the presence of risk, what would we need project managers for? We’d just make an estimate and return on the…

“We need to improve our resource management,” is a phrase I’ve often heard yet answer it requires finding out exactly what the person meant when they said it.  When we look at the resource aspect of project management, there are multiple perspectives. I would put resource management loosely into three main categories: Can we do it? How do we do it? Who will do it? Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.…

Resource management is the most popular reason organizations will switch from individual project management to enterprise project management so you’d think that would mean we’d have an extensive playbook on how to get the very best resource management out of such systems.
If only.