Ok, it’s a strange title for a blog post but so is the circumstance.

2014-InEight-Experience I’ll be in Scottsdale, AZ (A suburb of Phoenix) at the end of September for the Hard Dollar Conference.  I’ll be co-presenting a paper with Erik Marthinsen, the President of BASEMETHOD of Calgary.  We’re speaking on how to solve sub-contract management challenges by using a combination of Hard Dollar’s HD PCM and TimeControl Industrial.  The Hard Dollar InEight Experience 2014 conference is from Sept 28 to Oct 1st.  If you are going to be at the conference, please make sure to say hello!
Visit www.harddollar.com/ineight-experience for more information on the InEight Experience 2014 conference.

image Then 4 weeks later, I’m right back in Phoenix, this time for the PMI Global Congress.  PMI has asked me to speak on using Agile Technology in non-software project management environments.  The Global Congress this year runs from October 26-28 (with various workshops and seminars before and after the event.  If you are attending the event, please come by my session or, email me if you’d like to say hello.
Visit congresses.pmi.org/NorthAmerica2014 for more information on the conference.